FREE CHECKLIST: Social Media Posting Pointers

Post GOOD Content.
Post GOOD Content MORE regularly.
DO NOT FOLLOW multi-level marketing, business mums, digital agencies, contact/follower building services, etc.
ONLY follow your clients’ target audience and other relevant or STANDOUT Companies.
Look at Popular Hashtags, see what is performing, and see what is performing for the clients’ buyer.
Create a contest of some sort, giveaway, e-Book, etc down the track for promotional purposes.
Promote pages on other pages – FB follows on Linkedin Page, Twitter Follow Call to action on Facebook Page and vice versa.
Like content/posts/photos/videos from the audience that you want to attract to your page or social media accounts.
Tag audiences that you want to attract in posts which are relevant.
Be CONSISTENT. Being consistent with the theme of your posts, look and feel of images, and content writing style.
Go Back. GO back to previous posts, see what got the most engagement (likes, comments, etc) – this will help weed out the stuff that does not work so you can do less of things that do not perform well.
Get CREATIVE with hashtags!
Whatever you do, grow the following organically and with a strategic GAME Plan – this will mean you do not follow more people than your followers