Becoming a Freelance Writer: Freelance Writing Gig Road to Success Program

Freelancing is just amongst the many benefits of working at home for mothers who like to spend more time with their kids. If you are one of those few who want to upskill your knowledge while staying at home during this covid19 pandemic crisis, now is the best time for you to begin!

Why start a freelance writing side gig?

Aside from the many benefits of working as a freelancer, you also enjoy earning a decent amount of money just being at home. One course that caught my attention is the Freelancing Side Gig by Miss Charlyn Awing. Charlyn is a freelance writer herself and I have heard about her from one of the work at home mom groups on Facebook.

What the Course is all About?

This course is called Freelance Writing Side Gig FWSG): Road to Success program.

Enrollment is currently ongoing and classes will start this April 13, 2020!

Discover how you can start getting clients TODAY with what you already have; and gain CLARITY and FOCUS to master the skills and strategies that you NEED.

FWSG is designed for busy moms, corporate employees, and entrepreneurs who are looking for extra income opportunity to be able to save for their future goals by doing something they have always been passionate about – WRITING.

Charlyn Awing, the course creator mentioned that before she launched FWSG, the course was tested and trained on 80 Beta testers to prove its effectiveness.


What’s in it? View the Course Outline below:


  • The Self-trust and Confidence Hack that TRULY works!
  • Effective ways to FINALLY Rule your Mind
  • UNCOMPLICATED Strategy to Write your Elevator Pitch
  • OPTIMIZE your Online Profile


  • ATTRACT your Ideal Client with What you Already Have
  • How to Level up your Unique Skills
  • Build a Portfolio that Converts
  • How to Start Pitching Even if you don’t have Experience
  • BONUS: WordPress Website/Portfolio Design


  • How to PLAN your SUCCESS Strategically
  • Master your Content Writing Skills (to STAND OUT)
  • Master your Copywriting Skills (to STAND OUT)
  • Specific Focus: Content/Copy for Social Media, Product Description/e-Commerce, e-Mails, Website/Blog, Sales Page
  • Special Guest Experts


  • How to be Consistent in Reaching out to Potential Clients
  • Creating an Effective Strategy that Works for you
  • How to Catch a Potential Client’s Attention
  • Client Outreach Secrets
  • Scripts, Templates, Samples


  • Proven Techniques to Write Cover Letters/Pitch Letters that Convert
  • What TO DO & NOT TO DO During the Interview Stage
  • The Power of Following up and How to do it the RIGHT Way
  • Actual Overview of How These Strategies Work to Get Clients


  • How you Should Deliver a Project
  • The ONE Simple yet Effective Way to Get More Clients
  • How to be a Better Service Provider
  • Discover secrets on how you can start getting freelance writing clients today with what you already have and from there, I will teach you specific skills to level up and enhance your unique knowledge so that you can attract your dream clients.
  • Learn proven strategies on how to start a freelance writing side gig even if you are BUSY.
  • Discover how my past failures and mistakes became an instrument for me to attract and get hired by my dream clients.
  • Get mentored by a passionate and committed accountability partner who believes in your capability and keeps reminding you that YOU CAN while guiding you like a mom!

CLASSES STARTS on APRIL 13, 2020! Don’t miss it! You may ENROLL HERE

Learn more about Charlyn Awing on her website or by visiting her FB page here

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Your road to becoming a freelance writer starts here 🙂

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