Leveraging Social Media Marketing for your Business

Businesses have taken into consideration of using the power of online marketing, traditional marketing, and network marketing among others in order to attract, convert and retain new customers. What do network marketing, online business marketing, and traditional businesses have in common? They all need more leads that convert into customers.

Being an entrepreneur in today’s new digital age, getting ahead of your competition and getting your brand out there have not only changed how you put out your strategies, it can make or break your business.

The good news is that Social Media can help you generate hundreds of leads and thousands of dollars to your profits each month if done correctly.

Here are some steps that you can make use of starting today:

  1. Know your target Market –

    Any business would want to explore and grow their following by knowing and targeting people based on their target niche. The clearer your target demographic is, the better you are to appeal to your target audience and target customers.


  1. Take inventory of your current social media profile –

    Take a look at others’ social media and look at what they are doing, you no longer have to reinvent the wheel. For example, Your Company’s bio must be complete and informative. Essentially, all of the necessary information, location information and hours of operation should be listed in a social media company bio. Try to keep the information about who the company is and what it does as short as possible while providing the most information possible. Consider using a brand motto or slogan to drive a major point across instead of long paragraphs of information. –inc.com

  1. Identify your Goals –

    Investing in marketing campaigns can be daunting for many small and medium-sized businesses. You have to make your campaigns work and sometimes on a very limited budget. If you have limited resources, you must be strategic and it all boils down to identifying your marketing goals. Whether it is to create higher engagement, increase reach or to make relevant website conversions to your business or e-commerce site. As you also dive into social media, begin with the platforms that can make the biggest difference to achieve that goal. Do you want to promote your e-commerce shop and your brand through images and videos? You can opt for Instagram and Facebook Ads and integrate your product videos and your brand story. Find a platform that will help you in driving those results and leverage it to your advantage.


  1. Develop a Winning Strategy –

    Depending on your business model, there is a social media platform to match. Developing these strategies to achieve your goal often needs a lot of trial and error. You can take a look at what other successful businesses strategies are and then learn to reinvent and change up the pieces to fit your brand or your campaign.


  1. Focus on creating your Value –

    All businesses what that slice of attention especially in the noisy world of social media. It can get a lot more overwhelming at times. Rather than overthinking things, start by focusing and reframing your outlook towards social media. Many businesses fail at social media because they think it means Facebook, Twitter or Youtube. Rather than putting labels on social media, think of it as a concept. Focus on creating value. Offer something that is of value to your target audience or customer. Social media is actually about engaging with your audience in a personal manner. It is about putting a person in your brand. It is about humanizing your brand or your business by being in touch with the followers and ultimately attracting your desired customers or clients.

  1. Leverage the Power of Other Known Influencers in your Industry

    – We all know that getting visibility online is very important. Influencers and power users can open a gateway of mass attention. Many new businesses starting out use this approach in working with certain influencers to shout out their brand or feature their products on their videos or social media posts.


  1. Networking is Key –

    Social media is the interaction of people through networks. What’s good about that? Well, it is one of the best ways to reach customers! Every business today makes itself known through networking sites. Do you know why? Because almost everyone is using these sites!


  1. Engage with your audience –

    Nothing brings a brand or business closer to its market than genuine interaction through social media engagement. Comments, Likes, and even Shares can take your business to a whole new person and closer level to your audience. That is the true essence of social media networking, not only does it bring you closer to the people who matter to your business but it also provides you with more brand visibility online. That is why more and more businesses nowadays measure the success of their marketing campaigns and influencer outreach through the engagements they get. It is amongst the many metrics many marketers consider nowadays and should not be put off so think about it after your latest campaign analysis.


  1. Don’t overly promote –

    It’s not about always promoting. If you want to leverage social media to grow your business, you have to spend a lot of time delivering value. Whether that’s inspirational value, motivational value or entertainment value, don’t always try to sell people something at every bend and turn, otherwise, you might put them off.


  1. Make it easy for them to find you –

    Most people now spend most of their free time online getting busy searching for the latest trends and what people are talking about in their social media. If you take your business online the outcome might be that more people can easily reach out to you and gives them the impression that you take considerable effort in reaching out and talking to your customers. The easier for them to find you online, the more likely they are to connect, make a purchase or check in your site or your store. Check for instance your Instagram or your Facebook page. See to it that your profiles are optimized for more visibility. Develop a highly converting welcome video or profile cover and update it with high-quality content regularly with the goal in mind.

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