A Case Study: How Instagram Strategy can increase Reach and Engagement

When Lampe Berger Philippines hired me last March 2017, they wanted to grow their social media audience, increase engagement, and generate leads to bring new customers to their new products.

I put together a strategy that paired organic social media growth with lucrative paid traffic to boost engagement quicker and generate leads. The result was an 11,000% increase in social media engagement over a six-month period.

The first thing we start with for every client is an audit. I wanted to know where you stand among your competitors, your current engagement score, and your unique voice.

Most businesses that we work with have been doing social media all wrong in that they are simply trying to make campaigns that do not match the goals they want to achieve!

This was the case with Lampe Berger PH. Before hiring me, the previous person that managed the account was not socially savvy and that is reflected in their account.

This is a huge turn off to followers UNLESS it’s done in an entertaining, inspiring, or educational way. In addition, the photos that were being used didn’t match the brand and voice.

The second thing we did was get clear on who an ideal market is for Lampe Berger Philippines. This included details about their lifestyle and interests. In order to attract, the posts must be feminine, homey, chic, healthy and fresh.

Lampe Berger needed:

  1. A fresh and engaging IG Content

Photos and video are the most powerful forms of content online. Lampe Berger PH wanted to attract a high-end audience to their premium services, so we needed a brand to match. This is when we brought in our photography team to create visual content representative of Lampe Berger’s unique mission and its audience.


BEFORE                                                                                          AFTER

  1. A new voice & personality that matched their ideal target customers

The Lampe Berger PH clients/ target customers are health conscious, moms, yoga practitioners and frequent travelers who make smart health decisions and want the best care for their body. We also know that social media content needs to be inspiring, entertaining, and educational. So, we got to work creating content encompassing these categories paired with Lampe Berger’s new personality.

  1. A social media engagement boost

Knowing nothing generates buzz like a giveaway, we put together a contest that we knew Lampe Berger’s ideal customer would love: a Lampe Berger gift set giveaway! This was a $600 value – talk about enticing! To participate….they had to post a photo on FACEBOOK and IG, follow Lampe Berger PH account and tag three of their friends. We ran this on Instagram and Facebook.

Results from the contest: #LampeBergerGiveaway #ScentsthatHealGiveaway

Estimates FACEBOOK:
2,861 people reached

Estimates INSTAGRAM:
1760 Impressions
1300 Reach
112 Engagement

  1. A blogger/influencer outreach campaign

Created Instagram Campaign for Bloggers and Influencers who are fit for the target audience. In return, the bloggers get to post about it on social media and also they did a review of the product on their blogs we then promoted and shared their content throughout Lampe Berger’s social media accounts to boost engagement and awareness.

  1. FB Ads created to target audience and increase sales, brand awareness and online store conversions We created a FREE SHIPPING campaign for two months to promote online purchases!

Within two months of doing this, we were able to hit our Sales Quota for two months! Lampe Berger Sales hit and was never done before without our strategies! It is proven to be effective and more people are enticed to use and are knowledgeable about the brand.

IG GROWTH ANALYTICS (Results) ( from March 2017 to August 2017 )

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